GREAT BAY (October 8, 2000) – The House of Nehesi Publishers Foundation just completed the first update of its website,

The site was launched quietly earlier this year and highlights the foundation’s full line of books and the world famous, nationally known, and first-time authors published by the House of Nehesi Publishers imprint. Links to books dealing with fiction, government, tourism, religion, history, culture and books in French and Spanish published in St. Martin are well featured along with the foundation’s web designing, translation, editing, manuscript development and other multi-media services.

“The House of Nehesi website is another way for us to reach out to the St. Martin nation and keep people updated about the work that we are doing,” says Jacqueline Sample, president of House of Nehesi Publishers. In fact, the site includes an archive of St. Martin cultural news releases and sneak previews of some upcoming publications.

“At this site we also welcome the world, and everyone who visits gets to see or share a very attractively designed and informative piece of St. Martin.” The website was designed by Sundiata Lake of SL Graphics and it indeed welcomes visitors with a collage header of about 10 languages on its main page.

Sample says that the fine-tuning of the website is on-going and look forward to e-mail feedback from on-line guests. “We can be reached through Yahoo and a few other search engines or by entering in the address bar of any computer web page. Sundiata is also working on signing House of Nehesi to other search engines.”

So, for you Internet travelers, surf’s up for another St. Martin website, let’s ride.