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Where I see The Sun-Ang

Where I See The Sun
Contemporary Poetry in Anguilla

Edited by Lasana M. Sekou

Paperback, poems, literature, 184 pp.


ISBN: 978-0996224-20-8

This is pure poetry: critical, sincere and plain. The glorious and convoluted history of small island nations sits heavily on the shoulders of so few. This may be your only chance to hear them speak like this. – Wena Poon, award-winning Singapore-born American author of Café Jause: a Story of Viennese Shanghai


The Adulterous Citizen: poems stories essays
by Tishani Doshi

Paperback, poems, literature, 136 pp.


ISBN: 978-0996224-22-2

Tishani Doshi brings to the written page the precision, poise and sensuality of an accomplished dancer, which is also what she is. – Tabish Khair, poet and novelist


Columbus, the Moor | Colón, el Moro
Colomb, le Maure | Colombo, il Moro
by Charles Matz

(English, Spanish, French and Italian Edition)

Paperback, literature, 104 pp.


ISBN: 978-0996224-21-5

The literary works of Charles Matz are extremely complex. … What distinguishes his work is his plunging into the bottomless pit of lasting orality, the long and varied history of poetry-song-ritual.
– Andrea Zanzotto, Pieve di Soligo, Italy


love Songs Make You Cry

Love Songs Make You Cry
Lasana M. Sekou

Paperback, poetry, literature, 158 pp

ISBN: 978-0988825-20-8


Tales with utmost verisimilitude.
– Montague Kobbé, The Daily Herald

Love Songs Make You Cry stirs emotions that lie too deep for tears.
– Joyce Peters-McKenzie, St. Martin Newsday

While Sekou’s stories examine themes of displacement, immigration and exploitation, each one is based on human relationships.
– Rochelle Ward,


Language, Culture, and Identity in St. Martin

Language, Culture, and Identity in St. Martin
by Rhoda Arrindell

Paperback, literature, 240 pp.

ISBN: 978-0988825-22-2


Arrindell’s research is a unique groundbreaking work.
– Dr. Alma Simounet, University of Puerto Rico

When I See The Sun

Where I See The Sun
Contemporary Poetry in St. Martin

Edited by Lasana M. Sekou

Paperback, poetry, literature, 120 pp.


ISBN: 978-0988825-27-7

It s a rare & sparkle event to have an anthology of (mainly) young poets already into memories, their bright eyes searching the horizon for future & language to come out of one of our Caribbean islands this time St. Martin.
– Kamau Brathwaite, poet, critic, scholar

maroonlivesMaroon Lives: Tribute to Maurice Bishop & Grenadian Freedom Fighters
By Lasana Sekou

Revolution As Poetic Inspiration
: Grenada in Maroon Lives
by Fabian Adekunle Badejo

Paperback, Poetry, Literature, 96 pp.


ISBN: 978-0988825-24-6

Supple, integrative language, engaging scholarship, expansive allusions, sharp wit, musical vigor … make Maroon Lives resonate with other times and places. … Powerful extensive elegy that privileges revolution will not grow old.
– Keith Ellis, author, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto

lazy_lizardLizzy Lizzard
by Robin Boasman


ISBN: 978-0988825-21-5

Lizzy Lizard is Robin Boasman’s darling contribution to the children’s literature of the Caribbean. What an absolute delight to get the grand tour of St. Martin with Lizzy Lizardand her new friends! – Jamie Alleyne, Learning & Child Development Consultant

Little Lizzy Lizard’s Long walk quickly turns into an adventure in and around St. Martin’s busiest city. The book’s photo art illustrations convey a sense of magic to places easily identified by boys and girls, ages 4 to 9. Meet the endearing Suzy Soldier Crab, Iggy iguana, Missy Mongoose, and Pico Pelican. Lizzy Lizard will prove popular with confident readers; and with families who can spend time reading it together.

haitiHaïti et l identité littéraire trans-caribéenne
Emilio Jorge Rodríguez

Essais / Littérature / Études culturelles / Critique Littéraire


ISBN: 978-0988825253

La collection d’essais de Rodríguez est d’une importance capitale, dévoilant des échanges clés entre écrivains haïtiens et cubains, échanges dialogiques traversant des différences linguistiques et historiques pour tisser un lien essentiel de compréhension qui ouvra la porte à de nouvelles formes de créativité.
– Myriam J.A. Chancy, Ph.D., Auteur de Framing Silence: Revolutionary Novels by Haitian Women

Ce livre excellent et circonstancié qui fouille dans les rapports cachés et profonds qui sous-tendent l héritage culturel d Haïti, met à nu d importantes zones de confluence des peuples de la région.
– Margarita Mateo Palmer, Instituto Superior de Arte, La Havane

Haiti-engHaiti and Trans-Caribbean Literary Identity / Haiti y la transcaribenidad literaria
by Emilio Jorge Rodriguez

(English and Spanish Edition)

Paperback, literature, essays, culture studies/criticism

Monografías / Critica Literaria


ISBN: 978-0913441589

Jorge Emilio Rodriguez has made a wise choice of the term ‘trans-Caribbean,’ it is of the same family as ‘transculturation’ and sheds light on the process of exchanges and influences that founded the Caribbean identity.
– Maximilien Laroche, author

Con una mirada atenta a las secretas conexiones rizomáticas del legado cultural de Haití, se develan, en este acucioso y excelente libro, importantes zonas de confluencia de los pueblos de la región.
– Margarita Mateo Palmer, Instituto Superior de Arte, Habana.

thefrock29092010The Frock & Other Poems
by Laurelle “Yaya” Richards


ISBN: 978-0-913441-54-1

In The Frock & Other Poems, Laurelle “Yaya” Richards, at times playful, sometimes stern, the poems do not avoid conflicts, but her strong womanist voice transcends these divisions with the gentle wisdom of her verse.
– Geoffrey Philp, author, USA

booksinsBook of Sins
by Nidaa Khoury



ISBN: 978-0-913441-99-2

A first poetry collection published outside the Middle East in English, Arabic and Hebrew 

One of the major exponents of modernist Arab women writing is the Palestinian poet Nidaa Khoury. Khoury was born in the Galilee village of Fassuta. She is the author of seven poetry collections published in Arabic in Israel, Lebanon and Egypt. … Indeed, the exquisite purity of Khoury’s style and her transparent sincerity are further reasons why her poetry altogether escapes the taint of artificial versifying.  … Khoury’s poems transcend national and cultural boundaries … effective even outside her language area.
– Yair Huri, Ben Gurion University of the Negev

nat-2Nativity / Nativité / Natividad
Trilingual Edition
Lasana Sekou

Paperback, poetry, literature, 224 pp.
English • Française • Español


ISBN: 978-0-913441-97-8

Nativity cover art: Adán, sculpture/bronze and Eva, sculpture/bronze by Fernando Botero. © Fernando Botero. Courtesy: Museo de Antioquia, Colombia.

In nine haunting segments … a bold narrative, … long overdue … centralizes the region’s indigenous, African, Asian connections. A triumph of Caribbean aesthetics.
– Dr. Conrad M. James, University of Birmingham, UK

An exuberant, epic rush … a lusty, encyclopedic yawp.
– Roberta Q. Knowles, The Caribbean Writer

StMartinTalkSt. Martin Talk
Words, phrases, sayings & general communication terms
by Robert Romney


ISBN: 978-0-913441-82-4

With information ranging from the witty to the wise, St. Martin Talk is a handbook of words, phrases, sayings and other communication terms — including those from the St. Martin of old that are still much a part of the everyday speech of the island’s people. This quick reference will happily serve as a home, school, office and travel reference and companion.

lammingSovereignty of the Imagination – Conversations III
Language and the Politics of Ethnicity

by George Lamming

Paperback, political philosophy, literature ethnic studies, Caribbean history, 96 pp.


ISBN: 978-0-913441-46-6

The tight relationship between politics, knowledge, language, and the spaces of freedom in Lamming’s writings makes him one of the most important political novelists in Caribbean Literature.
– Dr. Anthony Bogues, Center for Caribbean Thought

guanahaniGuanahani, My Love
by Marion Bethel

Paperback, poetry, literature 72 pp.


ISBN: 978-0-913441-96-1

What is interesting about these poems is that they … become entries into Caribbean magical realism.
– Kamau Brathwaite, New York University

i believeI Believe
by Howard A. Fergus

Paperback, comparative literature, culture studies, criticism, 104 pp.


ISBN: 978-0-913441-95-4

In the clean lyric line, the rhyming line … an honest, unsentimental perception of humanity. From a freshly-wrought volcanic landscape, Fergus speaks authentically, deeply.
– Marion Bethel, author, The Bahamas

More than an untroubled declaration of faith, I Believe is in fact an option to believe, and so evokes its absent opposite against which it presses given humanity’s ‘imperfect garden.’
– Dr. Jennifer Rahim, University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago

lovelabourLove, labor, liberation, In Lasana Sekou
by Howard A. Fergus

Paperback, comparative literature, culture studies, criticism, 192 pp.


ISBN: 978-0-913441-87-9

The writings of Lasana M. Sekou have been compared to the works of a range of poets, from Aimé Césaire to Oswald Mtshali, from Kamau Brathwaite to Dylan Thomas, from E.E. Cummings to Linton Kwesi Johnson, but Fergus insists that “the voice that reaches us is sui generis, unique and Sekouesque.” Fergus throws wide ajar the doors to enter into Sekou’s poetics with authority and anticipation.

by Chiqui Vicioso

Paperback, poetry, literature, 112 pp.
English • Español • Française


ISBN: 0-913441-67-8

Out of the wreckage of paradise comes this passionate rendering of the human soul, mortal and immortal, a saga of love beyond the individual and yet touching each of us … Memorable … if we are prepared to ride with the poet through hell and heaven.
– Dr. Agnes Lam, University of Hong Kong

Respira y vive aquí, con nosotros, y enseguida vuela y se coloca en el paisaje del mito. Es como ella, como Chiqui, alta y definitiva, clara y limpia como el agua de los orígenes.
– Abel Prieto, Ministro de Cultura, Cuba

brotherrichBrother Rich, Nana Sweetie – Creative Writing in St. Martin
Edited by Rhoda Arrindell

Paperback, fiction, short stories; poetry, 72 pp.


ISBN: 978-0-913441-84-8

This collection is the result of a demanding writing course and is tangibly in line with the tradition of claiming one selves and of inviting others to listen.
– Dr. Aart G. Broek, author, literary historian

claudeadventureClaude’s Adventure
by Wendy-Ann Diaz

Paperback, fiction; youth literature, 32 pp.


ISBN: 978-0-913441-83-1

Claude’s Adventure reads like a classic storybook … for the reading and listening public in the Caribbean and wherever children are growing up in a de-centered child’s world.
– Dr. Gene Emanuel, University of the Virgin Islands

A spellbinding adventure of one boy’s possibility for transformation as he grasps the value of the struggles that precede him. A necessary and easily absorbed read for this generation …
– Cobzi Cabrera-Sanchez, Founder, COZBI inc.

spursBrotherhood of The Spurs
by Lasana M. Sekou

Pocketbook, fiction, short stories; glossary, 171 pp. (2nd printing)


ISBN: 0-913441-86-4

Brotherhood of The Spurs brings a new dimension to the growing stature of Lasana M. Sekou as a St. Martin and Caribbean writer.
– George Lamming, author of Conversations II – Western Education and the Caribbean Intellectual

by Drisana Deborah Jack

Paperback, poetry, literature, 71 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-78-3

Compelling … We are all migrants now, children and foundlings of diaspora.
Darryl Accone, University of Witwatersrand

Skin takes us through blanket of night, seaweeds, the embrace of the sea, interrupted sky, and rain storms.
– Jacqueline Goffe-McNish, SUNY

37poems37 Poems
by Lasana M. Sekou

Paperback, poetry, literature, 64 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-74-0

37 Poems is … significant, vigorous and radical, … life-affirming in an age when jaded cynicism often passes for wisdom.
-Dr. Tabish Khair, Aarhus University, Denmark

Somewhere between the grace of haiku and the weight of the epic, Sekou has crafted his most elegant work to date. … These are the poems we should read to our children, lullabies for this new/old world. Each verse reaches across topographical, cultural, and emotional divides and reveals that the heart is home.
– Drisana Deborah Jack, New Jersey City University

angelhornThe Angel Horn Shake Keane (1927-1997) ­ Collected Poems
by Shake Keane

Paperback, poetry, literature, 182 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-66-X

The Angel Horn
… is vintage Shake Keane. … spanning a period of 40 years the best of Keane, his mastery of the folk culture, play on words, use of nation language and of musical symbols and themes, and the integration of rhymes and riddles … .
– Dr. Adrian Fraser, author, scholar, St. Vincent & The Grenadines

saltreaperThe Salt Reaper – poems from the flats
by Lasana M. Sekou

Paperback, poetry, literature, 130 pp. (Second printing)


ISBN: 0-913441-73-2

[Sekou’s] calibanic voice moves between the public, revolutionary political rhetoric of Linton Kwesi Johnson and the lush, esoteric wordplay of Dylan Thomas.
– Ervin Beck, World Literature Today

His sheer writing ability is impressive, Sekou packing in philosophy without preaching … and linking the sensuous and the spiritual. … Sekou is a Caribbean man.
– Mel Cooke, Jamaica Gleaner

somebodySomebody Blew Up America & Other Poems
by Amiri Baraka

Paperback, Poetry/Literature, 57 pp., 5″ x 7.5″


ISBN: 0-913441-72-4

4th printing by popular demand!

The publication of Amiri Baraka’s Somebody Blew Up America & Other Poems makes one more mark in the development in modern Black radical & revolutionary cultural reconstruction.
– Kamau Brathwaite, CowPastor, Barbados;Comparative Lit., New York University

saltedtonguesSalted Tongues – Modern Literature in St. Martin
by Fabian Adekunle Badejo

Paperback, literature, essays, 72 pp., 5.25” x 8”


ISBN: 0-913441-62-7

In this book of three essays, wonderfully entitled Salted Tongues, Fabian Adekunle Badejo has contributed significantly to filling a gap in Caribbean literature and widen the scope about the authors of modern writing and the role of language, publishing and literary criticism in St. Martin.
– Dr. Wim Rutgers, Literary historian, University of Aruba

housejackbuiltThe House That Jack Built and Other Plays
by Louie Laveist

Paperback, drama, 97 pp., 5″ x 7.5″


ISBN: 0-913441-28-7

On the evidence of the three plays in The House That Jack Built and Other Plays, it would be safe to conclude that Laveist is a social realist who has elected the family unit as the target of his critical hard stare.
– Funso Aiyejina, from the introduction to The House That Jack Built and Other Plays

sameseaSame Sea … Another Wave – A collection of stories
by Cynthia Wilson

Paperback, fiction, short stories 65 + xii pp., 5.25″ x 8″


ISBN: 0-913441-53-8

“In Cynthia Wilson’s Same Sea … Another Wave Cyrilene Sargeant takes us into her world with all the unstoppable confidence of a precocious, deeply loved child. … Caribbean writers do explore childhood, of course, but there are few who evoke so beautifully and completely credibly, a childhood in the Caribbean in an era that we can now see as the childhood of the modern Caribbean.”
– Kendel Hippolyte, Poet, playwright, St Lucia

wordsneedWords Need Love Too
by Kamau Brathwaite

Paperback, poetry, 70 + xx pp., 5.25″ x 8″


ISBN: 0-913441-47-3

Words Need Love Too represents, perhaps, Kamau Brathwaite’s most concentrated effort at fashioning a new literary tradition out of the fragmented pieces/rhythms/nation languages that form the New World. No other poet, living or dead, makes us participants in, and co-celebrants of the liturgy of the word, like Brathwaite. This is the long-awaited collection from Kamau Brathwaite.

rainyseasonThe Rainy Season
by Drisana Deborah Jack

Paperback, poetry, 108 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-23-6

Here is a strong new voice which has come to join the chorus of inspired chanting of Caribbean women poets.
– Lorna Goodison, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

talesgreatpondTales From The Great Salt Pond
by Esther Gumbs

Paperback, poetry, 54 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-27-9

Tales From The Great Salt Pond is insightful and thought-stimulating. The poetess keeps us interacting with the culture through these changing times, drawing from the dynamism of our existence as one people.
– Judith Arnell, Psy. D., St. Martin

Love-SekouLove Songs Make You Cry
by Lasana Sekou

Paperback, fiction, short stories; glossary.


ISBN: 0-913441-07-4

It would be unthinkable to consider this second edition without mentioning love. This kind of love is perhaps the one that hurts most, but it also pushes the characters to challenge their limits and conquer the unconquerable.
– Dr. Michela A. Calderaro, University of Trieste, Italy

Songs & Images of St. MartinSongs & Images of St. Martin
by Charles Borromeo Hodge

Paperback, poetry, 152 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-24-4

Borromeo is a strong, reverberating poetic voice nobody dares ignore. What took him so long to come out with this volume?
– Fabian Badejo, St. Maarten Guardian

cominghomeComing, Coming Home: Conversations II
Western Education and the Caribbean Intellectual
by George Lamming

Paperback, history, education, political science, 103 pp., 5.25″ x 8″ (Second printing)
English edition, with French translation.


ISBN: 0-913441-48-1

The Lamming monographs are themselves part of the current discourse which targets the historical, cultural and scientific implications of the pan-hemispheric encounters that will continue to be of global importance well into the twenty-first century.
– Rex Nettleford, Pro Vice Chancellor, University of the West Indies

Illegal TruthIllegal Truth
by Ras Changa

Paperback, poetry, 93 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-11-2

A first volume of thunderous poetry that links Moses, Mosiah, Martin and Mandela.

Pass It OnPass It On! A Treasury of Virgin Islands Tales
by Jennie N. Wheatley

Paperback, poetry, 92 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-26-0

These stories will help us … evoke that spirit of adventure for which our forbears were well known and which our younger generation would wish to follow.
– Ralph O’Neal, Chief Minister, British Virgin Islands

quimbeQuimbé – The Poetics Sound
by Lasana M. Sekou

Paperback, poetry, 129 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-14-7

A captivating collection of poems. Sekou’s ninth book.

mothernationMothernation – Poems From 1984 to 1987
by Lasana M. Sekou

Paperback, poetry, 109 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-13-9

The poems of Mothernation covers a period when it is not yet opportune to speak one’s mind publicly without fear of political repercussion. … (Sekou’s) cry for freedom is creative and shocking for his audience. But no one can remain indifferent toward that fascinating voice.
– Armando Lampe, Ph.D., Catholic Priest

Images of MeImages of Me
by Ingrid Zagers

Paperback, poetry, 107 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-12-0

Ingrid Zager’s collection of verse is a serious attempt to understand the complex nature of man and his environment at a time when the writer’s youth seems trapped in a physical/social bind.
– Joyce Peters-McKenzie, literary critic, St. Vincent

nativity1Nativity and Monologues for Today
by Lasana M. Sekou

Paperback, drama, poetry, 83 pp.


ISBN: 0-913441-04-X

Nativity… is epical, and an impressive achievement in Sekou’s stylistic development.
– Napolina Gumbs, librarian

Golden Voices of S'maatinGolden Voices of S’maatin
by Ruby Bute

Paperback, poetry, 63 pp. (Second printing)


ISBN: 0-913441-25-3

Golden Voices of S’maatin is about direction, the linking of Self into Nation, and it achieves sincerely in being a (maybe pre-iconoclastic) gentle guide, and generative of a sweet S’maatin pride, an intense loving warmth, and a family strength which is, however harassed of late, steeped in the folk values and living culture of this Caribbean nation.
– Lasana M. Sekou, Managing Editor, Newsday

A Play by Ian Valz

Paperback, poetry, 148 pp. Out of print


ISBN: 0-913441-06-6

Ian has woven a play of a Caribbean family in Guyana with skill, sensitivity and love. It is a clear insight into the politics of the country and the position of emerging countries, the battle of young consciousness, of the need for a political, social and economic identity laced with the flavor and love in the families expressed as only the Caribbean people can. Masquerade is a delight.
– Rufus Collins, Director of Interstage Theatre, Amsterdam, Netherlands

bornhereBorn Here
by Lasana Sekou

Paperback, poetry, 148 pp. Out of print


ISBN: 0-913441-05-8

Born Here should be considered the first true poetic baptism of Lasana Sekou in the still sedated waters of his native island on which more than 300 years of French and Dutch colonial rule has had a numbing lethargic effect.
– Fabian A. Badejo

Maroon LivesMaroon Lives – Tribute to Grenadian Freedom Fighters
by Lasana Sekou

Paperback, poetry, 35 pp. Out of print


ISBN: 0-913441-03-1

For The Mighty Gods... An OfferingFor The Mighty Gods… An Offering
by Lasana Sekou

Paperback, poetry, 95 pp.


The main feeling flashing through the book is of a conscious young Black man; conscious of the ugliness and beauty of this world. It is clear he understands the tied up beauties of Black life… That our struggles are righteous. That we will win. That our women are Black beauties packed full of the sweetness of love desired and expressed.
– Amiri Baraka

Moods for IsisMoods for Isis – Picture poems of Love & Struggle
by Lasana Sekou

Paperback, poetry, 94 pp.


The variety and quantity of his insight will motivate and stir the soul/mind of his readers to intense passion. … as they attempt to absorb his multi-level poetic message.
– Linda Taylor

The Salt ReaperThe Salt Reaper – selected poems from the flats
by Lasana M. Sekou
Music mix by Angelo Rombley

Record Label: Mountain Dove Records, Audio CD, Spoken Word/Poetry
ISBN 978-0-913441-94-7

Poems accompanied by hurtling hot music … A brilliant move!
– Amiri Baraka, author of Blues People

Sekou gives his voice to those who for too long have been voiceless.
– Dr. Maria van Enckevort, The Daily Herald

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House of Nehesi Studio

Dope Up RoughingsDope Up Roughings
“The Salt Reaper – Selected poems from the flats” © 2009 by Angelo Rombley, Big Eye Opener Studios.

“The Salt Reaper – Selected poems from the flats” © 2009 by Angelo Rombley, Big Eye Opener Studios.

“The Salt Reaper – Selected poems from the flats” © 2009 by Angelo Rombley, Big Eye Opener Studios.

Lasana Sekou, Saint Martin
Memoria del Festival Internacional de Poesía de Medellín.

Love Song Make You CrySelected reading from Nativity
by Lasana Sekou; Performance: Clara Reyes. Video courtesy: © 2006 Marguerite Laurent.

About the Authors

Marion BethelMarion Bethel is a poet, short story writer, essayist and attorney from The Bahamas. A Cambridge University graduate, Bethel’s writings have appeared in Callaloo, The Massachusetts Review, … Read more

FeteFree copy with all HNP orders … While supply last
Fete – Celebrating St. Martin Traditional Festive Music

A special culture features publication, song, music, dance, carnival, and more, 48 pp.

Contents: Foreword • Tanny & The Boys • Bèbè recalls • In a fête • Quimbé • Carnival • “Jim Tucker” Samuel • Ray Anthony Thomas Tale of a concert • A blast in The Netherlands • Ponum • A bumper crop • Eat, drink …


GEBE Through The YearsGEBE Through The Years – Power To Serve
Limited edition

Hardcover, 9in. x 11in., public utility history, profiles, interviews, graphs, photos from 1906 to 2006; 248 pp.

ISBN: 0-913441-77-0